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This is a collection of projects I am thinking about or working on. These projects are intended to positively impact people's lives.


  • transparent property reviews from residents - built
  • PURPOSE: habitualize civic participation, transparency, demonstrate the virtues of open-source business, frame them as a potential solution to the corruption that we're contending with now
  • PROBLEM: It requires logic; the value isn't immediately understandable. You need to think a lot in order to understand the personal AND broad value.
  • CHALLENGE: At a bit of a speed bump as I can't use my right hand for more than a few minutes at a time; can't code with voice commands.

Mickpedia (2019)

  • a personal wiki intended to assist with the composition and structure of my research, essays, projects, thoughts, and ideas. My own little intellectual garden.
  • intended to combat reduced memory function

Ava (2019)


Digital Rolodex (2010)

  • digital rolodex to help you keep track of important details that people share with you. Basically, an extension of your memory specifically for your "social" memory, built on the assumption that putting a little effort into remembering the things that people share with you is a great way to show them you care, and gives you much more to work with when you're trying to surprise/delight them with a personalized gift or event (2011)

  • a community for polyamorists - (built, decomissioned)[1]

Nogginator (2012)

  • Leitner System spaced repetition flashcards that support markdown, latex, images, audio, video - built/decomissioned

MentorGrounds (2012)

  • generic mentor/mentee matching platform - built/decomissioned (2015) (2016)

  • Drone-driven single-rose-with-a-letter delivery - waiting on tech/legislation
    • the emotional response is compelling, but the legal/safety/technical hurdles are still prohibitive
    • Compose a heartfelt, thoughtful message for your boo
    • Press a button
    • Tell your boo to walk outside
    • Bam - love from above. Parachute falls down with a rose in a tube that contains a message.
    • So when you're on the road or when you want to just make their day, it's literally a button-click away
    • if this ever happens, I'm buying the rights to this song: (2016)

  • free home security - built

MyInvestingPal (2018)

  • a toolkit to help people learn how to invest (personal project - built, autopilot)

MyDatingPal (2018)

  • a psychometrics utility where two people can take a test and then determine compatibility across major factors (finance, romance, aspirations, lifestyle, beliefs, etc) (built, decommissioned) I am just so tired of allowing charisma and good looks to drive my decision making. I don't think I've even come close to finding someone whose belief system aligns with mine, and who wants to hustle on progress for its own sake. Now I know how to screen for this, but I have higher priorities now. Had I been equipped with this knowledge (or tools to help me discover it on my own), I might be paired up and in deep by now.


Project Edwin

  • Project Edwin: When I was a kid, I was placed into foster care and I was eventually institutionalized because I was a little shit. While institutionalized, I met a kid named Edwin who was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of a knife wound; he was a former member of a gang and was stabbed in an altercation. He was also the most pleasant, caring, light-hearted friend I made at that location. He took a genuine interest in me and actually *cared* about me at a time when I needed it most. I want to provide this same kind of care to other people in need at large scale, and I would like to call it "Project Edwin".
  • Buy a home
  • Prepare it as a modern rehab space
  • Look for someone homeless, who hasn't fallen too far into drug abuse, who hasn't passed the point of no cognitive return
  • Welcome them to the home
  • Love them
  • Give them healthy food and a way to exercise
  • contingent upon their agreement not to partake in substance abuse
  • re-habituate healthy behavior using concepts from Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Provide to them books that have the highest potential to impact them
  • instill within them the joy of self-education
  • Show them how to best present themselves and represent themselves as they seek employment
  • Teach them how to save the money they earn, how to budget, how to use budgeting tools
  • Once they reach full rehabilitation, facilitate their teaching of another man in greater need
  • rinse, repeat
  • Possibly employ them directly if there is enough capital available through open-source endeavors. Would teach them modern skills. Programming, social entrepreneurship, etc.

Project Paul

  • Platform that connects you with someone who wants to go on a walk with a stranger in the name of physical activity, social interaction, networking, forming new friendships, mashing up worldviews to discover new perspectives, etc. You click a button, it matches you with someone around you who's interested in going for a walk. Simple - with safety mechanisms somehow baked in. Targeted initially at young people trying to help old people. Paul - my neighbor next-door - was such a sweet man. He just, for some reason, had noone in his life. No family to visit him. No next-of-kin. They haven't even IDd his body yet - and he passed (in his condo, right next to mine) over three weeks ago. He probably would have lived longer (and been happier) had I simply walked with him once a week. I had knowledge of his isolation and didn't act on that knowledge, and now I have to forever live with that guilt. The only way I can think to rectify this is to prevent other people from succumbing to their selfishness, and to prevent other people from having to suffer from isolation as a result of nothing more than misfortune. Maybe name it Paul? We need to be more proactive about monitoring the health of our elders and preserving their happiness and social connection, and facilitating the rebuilding of relationships if they haven't any. I have it deeply embedded within my belief system that long-term happiness comes from connection.
  • Would probably require an active campaign to teach elderly how to use technology, and to seek them out. Would likely require some kind of funding to buy simple, even single-purpose phones (recycled cell phones?). Possibly based entirely on SMS for ease-of-use?

Project Daisy

  • A socially acceptable platform for escorts that saps up the market and eliminates the platform upon which human trafficking depends. See On Prostitution
    • Tried this but got spooked from the reaction of my peers, assumptions that were being made about my "experience", risk to employability, etc - unplugged [Article]

Project Noah

  • MASSIVE animal shelter in some moderate climate where they can play and be trained outside year-round
  • Similar to the shelters I've visited in LB but at much wider scale and with much more human interaction, and much more space. They should be happy.

Scratchpad from OneNote

  • An Open-Source, Democratic, Advertising-free, corruption-free Reddit
  • An Open-Source, Democratic, Advertising-free, corruption-free YouTube
  • An Open-Source, Democratic, Advertising-free, corruption-free Facebook
  • comprehensive lab tests for supplements, built on blockchain without any tampering or special interests incentivizing things
  • Interface between consumers and scientific studies to demonstrate easily the new facts that we're uncovering
  • Open repository of scientific data that breaks down the paywalls currently limiting our collective wisdom
  • A tool that you point at your photo catalogues, and that then captures all photos and plays your life back to you in a matter of a few minutes. I tested this against myself and the emotional response was overwhelming.
  • EHR solution
  • Similar to how 23andMe provides genetic testing via mail - build a service that allows you to send in blood samples for a full-on assessment of your health. I'm so tired of setting up appointments and battling with insurance companies and doctors. I just want data in a standardized, comprehensive format.
  • All the grades:
    • PropertyGrades (built)
    • DistrictGrades
    • EmployerGrades
    • StateGrades
    • CountyGrades
    • CountryGrades
    • JusticeGrades
    • PoliceGrades
    • DoctorGrades
    • LawyerGrades
    • JournalistGrades
  • real-time sentiment analysis as people are consuming visual media. I want to see a graph of how people "feel" throughout a movie - hope, excitement, sadness, boredom, frustration, etc.
  • Revamp MyDatingPal to truly help people identify matches who are likely compatible. Not - modernized psychometrics.
  • Revamp MyInvestingPal to use data-driven, historical analysis of various investment theories that allow individuals to make data-driven decisions based on their risk profile. Simple. Low cognitive overhead.
  • Fix Amazon Reviews somehow.


  • Free home security: I built this but don't know how to promote it. It's largely untested and not ready for launch, but it is just about "feature complete" for the MVP. [started: [](]


  • Free artistic collaboration: I started this project but failed in my execution. The project is currently nothing more than a resume bullet, with many features broken due to expired subscriptions that the product depended on (image hosting, twilio, etc). [started: [FStop](]


  • Anonymous Cares: I feel like there are a lot of people out there who would really like to have a conversation with a stranger. I'd like to build a platform that connects people in need of a nice, warm conversation with those who would like to volunteer their time in the name of helping people through get over the speedbumps in their life. Not life coaching - smaller-scope conversations that may or may not lead to an ongoing dialogue.


- A portion of open-source earnings ought to be immediately reinvested towards modernized, sustainable rehabilitation programs.


  • Random acts of open-source
    • portions of revenue from any open-source venture would be allocated to just finding random suffering and alleviating it


  • An open-source, truly democratic, advertiser-free Reddit:
- A new reddit, unencumbered by advertisers and built with democracy/free speech in mind?


  • A modernized approach to labor empowerment:
    • Employergrades? More for "healthy measurement of metrics that are important to everyone" than some sort of adversarial/combative solution


  • A platform where serious journalists are graded by one another publicly - incentivizing and upholding journalistic standards
    • JournalistGrades?


  • A YouTube not beholden to advertiser pressures
    • built with users as the priority.


  • An open-source news network


  • Open-source academic and scientific studies
    • Why in the world are the fruits of our greatest minds locked behind paywalls? We should fix this and address funding for research as a separate issue, not to be solved through the privatization of knowledge.


  • Doctor grades
    • I want to know the percentage of verified patients who feel as though their treatment was successful when I am evaluating a doctor.


  • School district grades
    • I want to know if teachers feel as though their school districts are being managed effectively. In the same way that propertygrades sheds light on the tenant/landlord power dynamic, I would like to shed light on the teacher/district power dynamic so that we might allocate funds more reasonably towards teacher needs and desires.


  • Human-Computer Interface: I'm building this with a broken/dislocated hand (pending surgery). It would be really nice to have a device that allows me to "click" with noises from my throat (try to click with the top of your tongue against the roof of your mouth) so I don't have to struggle with my mouse. It would require a sensitive microphone, perhaps worn as a necklace, along with a high-resolution camera mounted to the monitor focused on my eyes. Draws a box around my eyes and based on location of my pupil (after some training) clicks on a screen with high precision. Would require nicely lit eyes. Likely glasses + microphone talking via bluetooth to the OS via a thumb drive. Could be more efficient than even a mouse used by a fully capable individual.

  • *.os as a TLD to indicate open-source. facebook.os, reddit.os - obv with different names, but likely very similar. Just different enough to avoid legal costs.
  • a layer on top of your phone number that screens out spam. You get a new phone number - your public phone number - that you share with suspect organizations or individuals. This number forwards calls and messages to your private phone number. Utilizes big data / AI to effectively screen for spam sources. Goal is to solve the robocall / spam problem by monitoring the % of unique recipients that mark a message as spam.
    • possibly a similar solution to email spam. It is so incredibly easy to collect email addresses and spam them On The Slightly Evil Automation Of Email Marketing - this shouldn't be possible. conversations over email + sms should be similar to conversations in real life. You wouldn't stand up on a table in the middle of an event and yell "LOOK AT MY NEW FEATURE, GIVE ME YOUR MONEY" - you'd ideally have some private conversations, let that topic come up organically, and then allow people to opt in to your push notifications. I want to amp up the emotional intelligence of our communication channels by introducing a layer of abstraction that nearly eliminates spam and unsolicited comms
  • we still suck at music discovery, and I think that's because of how the industry works moreso than any technical limitation. We should be able to easily determine what music (or even netflix) content I'll like based on the unadulterated, uncorrupted, unbiased analysis of what others who like my stuff also like. The job of the discovery service is to classify your personality based on your preference profile and then explore outwards based on what your "siblings" also enjoy. We should not be injecting or biasing content based on the capital behind that content; it should speak for itself.
  • solve this problem:
    • Grades projects can positively impact systems that will lead to long-term improvement
    • short-term improvement.... eff
    • think about causes: social media, less community, socioeconomic imbalances? What else has changed that may be linked... exacerbated institutional corruption, environmental decay.... possibly worse diets? More chemicals? More stress? Less skilled parents? Less attentive/available parents? Less stable home environments?
  • solve this problem:
    • Like the CA fires, but the cultural damage is way higher here. We need to preserve culture and human life. We need better firefighting technology.
    • A MASSIVE, fireproof tent that we can make airtight and then suck all oxygen out.
    • Would have to define a perimeter, evacuate perimeter, station "pods" on the line of the perimeter that are connected with a physical line. A drone (or set of drones) then anchors in an "raises" the airtight material up, and some large-scale vacuum removes all oxygen.
    • Must be rapidly deployable
    • Might only work for small-scale structural fires; otherwise you'd risk collateral damage to animal life.
  • A mainstream home inkjet printer that is reliable and affordably maintainable - cheap ink

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